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Why should I Sign Up as a UserAdvocate?

Companies rely on individuals like you to provide feedback to improve their products, apps and websites. So, we created a super easy way for people, like you and me, to provide feedback that is actually helpful to professionals involved in product creation process - via our UserAdvocate App!

The best part? It is the perfect side hustle! Get $5-100 depending on the study you participate in. And, there is no limit to participation :)

Download the UserAdvocate mobile App!
For Desktop tests, download the Google Chrome extension.
FAQs about UserAdvocate

FAQs about UserAdvocate Community

Is sign up really free?

Absolutely! Signing up for User Advocate Community is free and simple. There are no hidden fees or costs involved.

I'm not very tech-savvy. Can I still participate?

Of course you can! Our UserAdvocate Community app makes it super easy for you to provide and submit feedback. Just follow the instructions in each user research and make sure you have good Wi-Fi connection.

How much money can I make?

Rewards vary based on the complexity and type of the study you participate in. Typically, a single-user research can be from $5 -100, or even more, depending on mainly whether it's a survey, app testing, or user interview. There is no restriction on how many you can participate in!

How do I get my rewards?

You can choose to be paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Yes, we transfer in local currency to bank accounts in most countries.

You can expect to be paid within 21 working days after completing a user research. During this time, your submission will be reviewed and once the researcher accepts your submission, you will receive a form on your registered email ID requesting preferred payment details.

What do I need to participate in user research?

All you need is your smartphone or computer as well as a good Wi-Fi connection to participate in a user research.

Is there customer support available if I have questions?

We put in a lot of effort to create a comprehensive user guide to ease your journey. Please refer to our user guides for more details.

In case that does not answer your questions, you can always contact us via email at hi@useradvocatecommunity.com

Read the detailed FAQs for more information


UserAdvocate FAQs
The researchers require clear verbal feedback, which cannot be achieved in noise filled environments, poor quality microphones or complete silence. As the microphone is highly sensitive to sounds, we kindly request you to wear headphones during the user test to prevent any noise.
Our payment service provider may ask you to provide additional details to allow the transfer of the rewards. The details can vary based on the country your are residing in.

E-wallet Transfers
Payments to your e-Wallet can only be sent if your e-Wallet is included by our Payment Service provider

Bank Transfers
Payments to your Bank can only be sent if your Bank is included by our Payment Service provider

About payments with PayPal
The PayPal account needs to be in your name. We are unable to transfer the incentives to PayPal accounts which are not owned by you. Each UserAdvocate shall have a unique PayPal ID. A PayPal ID can not be used by more than one person in the UserAdvocate Community.

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